من ويكاموس، القاموس الحر
اذهب إلى التنقل اذهب إلى البحث

فِي ٱللُّغَةِ ٱلْإِنْجْلِيزِيَّةِ:[عدل]


recta ج.

  1. صِيغَةُ جَمْعٍ مُفْرَدُهَا rectum#English[1]
    • 1983: John Oliver Killens, And Then We Heard the Thunder, p321
      They were scared deep in their recta, but they leaped out of the foxhole and ran to the rescue, but by the time they got there Bucket-head had already stopped one of the enemy and the rest of them headed back upstream.



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