من ويكاموس، القاموس الحر

فِي ٱللُّغَةِ ٱلْإِنْجْلِيزِيَّةِ:[عدل]


IPA: /'pɛnɪz/

(US) SAMPA:/pE.niz/


pennies plural

  1. صِيغَةُ جَمْعٍ مُفْرَدُهَا penny
  2. An unspecified, but very small amount of money. (It costs only pennies per day.)

Usage notes[عدل]

  • This is the plural used when referring to several coins each worth one penny (in any currency), as in I have one tenpence coin and three pennies or I have one dime and three pennies. When referring to a sum of British money, the correct plural is pence, as in These apples are twenty pence each.