من ويكاموس، القاموس الحر
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فِي ٱللُّغَةِ ٱلْإِنْجْلِيزِيَّةِ:[عدل]

Alternative spellings[عدل]


minutiæ ج.

  1. قالب:rare صِيْغَةُ جَمْعٍ مُفْرَدُهَا [[minutia]].
    • 1847: Campbell Morfit, Chemistry Applied to the Manufacture of Soap and Candles: A Thorough Exposition of the Principles and Practice of the Trade, in All Their Minutiæ, Based upon the Most Recent Discoveries in Science and Improvements in Art, TITLE{1} & p12{2}
    • 1882: Carlton McCarthy, Detailed Minutiæ of Soldier Life in the Army of Northern Virginia, 1861–1865, TITLE{1} & p212{2}