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فِي ٱللُّغَةِ ٱلْإِنْجْلِيزِيَّةِ:[عدل]


قالب:LL., جمع - مفردها acephalus. See acephal


(UK) أصد: /ɑːˈsɛf.æ.lɪi/ أصن: /A:"sEf.{.li:/ Hyphenation: aah-SEPH-a-ly, -lee


acephali ج.

  1. A mythological people reported by Herodotus and Josephus to have no or removable heads.
  2. (Ecclesiastical History): The Eutychians, a Christian sect in the year 482 without a leader. See [1].
  3. (Ecclesiastical History): Bishops and certain clergymen not under regular diocesan control.
  4. A class of levelers in the time of King Henry I.
  5. صِيْغَةُ جَمْعٍ مُفْرَدُهَا acephalus.